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Hi. My Name is Barbara Gazley and I am your local Stockton dog trainer. At Bark Busters, I know it is a privilege to train your dog. Your dog is a member of your family, and entrusting his/her well-being to us is a big responsibility. I know you want a well behaved companion, one that will bring you love and joy for the next 15+ years (hopefully!). Therefore, I want to acquaint you with myself and my training methods.

  1. I don’t train dogs – I train humans. Sounds weird doesn’t it? You think the problem is with your dog, but it’s really with the way you communicate with your dog. Once I teach you how to issue commands that your dog understands, you’ll be amazed at the transformation in your dog. When you establish yourself as the “pack leader”, your dog knows you are in charge and will begin to listen to you and react accordingly.
  2. I have trained hundreds of dogs. I have seen virtually every dog problem from dogs that are highly aggressive to dogs with separation anxiety and everything in between. I’m not a rookie. I have been a dog trainer and behaviorist for more than 13 years. I have trained every breed, from puppies to senior dogs. If I run onto a problem I have never seen before, I have 200+ Bark Busters trainers worldwide to help me. You are putting your dog in good hands.
  3. I have saved hundreds of dogs from being rehomed or euthanized. Bark Busters’ mission is to save dogs from being returned to a shelter by helping dog parents overcome misbehaviors. Many dog owners are at the end of their rope when they call me and I am their last hope. Maybe your neighbors are complaining about your dog’s barking or your dog has bitten a person or another dog. No problem … I can help you overcome even the toughest of behaviors. In fact, I am often called when other dog training methods have failed. Here is what one client had to say:

“A few weeks into training and Rommel has become a calmer and lovable dog. We were ready to rehome or shelter him but decided to give once last attempt with BB. Without you this pups’ true potential may never have come to light! “ Stacey

  1. I have been in your shoes. As a dog owner myself, I know what it is like to have a dog with some “idiosyncrasies” as I used to call them. Until I became a Bark Busters trainer, I never had a well-behaved dog. My furry friends jumped up at visitors, pulled me around on the leash and had me wrapped around their little finger! I understand what you are going through.
  2. I know that no two dogs are alike. The saying goes: “If you have seen two dogs of the same breed from the same litter, you still have two very different dogs.” Every dog has its own personality and temperament, which is why I don’t use an out-of-the-box training program. Every time I meet a new dog, I develop a customized training program to deal with your dog’s issues. Your dog may bark for very different reasons than other dogs. My job is to discover the root of your dog’s behavior and address that.
  3. Dog training is more than a career. It is an understatement that I love dogs. I am lucky that my job has a very philanthropic edge – helping pet parents to have well-mannered dogs. For me, it’s not a career, it’s a passion. I am very patient and love to change the family dynamics around dogs so everyone can enjoy the companionship that a dog brings. I live to see the joy on pet parent’s faces when their dog begins to behave. Your will see IMMEDIATE results before our first training session is even over:“I worried that no amount of training could ever help, but I scheduled a training session desperate. I think Barbara may be a magician because in our session my dog showed immediate and I mean IMMEDIATE improvement. He was so excited to please me.. We are on day 3 of training and you’d think I had a different dog. I’m so happy I have tears of gratitude spilling out as I write this. Thank you Barbara for your patience, guidance and knowledge.” Savanha
  4. I can handle the toughest dogs. Certain breeds of dogs or even certain dog personalities can be tough. Certain cases of aggression can also be rough on pet parents. Fortunately, Bark Busters Stockton has the tools to stop pet aggression whether it be towards people, food, cats or other dogs. Have a dog that even other trainers have tried to train and failed? Call me.
  5. I volunteer at shelters and rescue centers. Many dogs at shelters are there not because they are bad dogs, but because they had issues or circumstances beyond their control. Myself and many other Bark Busters’ trainers volunteer to help these dogs before they are adopted.
  6. I do not judge. Why don’t more people train their dogs? Either because a) they are hoping they can train them themselves; or b) because they are afraid they will be judged. If “a” happens, go for it! However, I never judge people. People spoil their dogs, and let them get away with everything. However, maybe the behaviors you thought were cute in the beginning turn into an annoyance later on. My job is not to judge, but to correct mis-behaviors.
  7. I offer gentle training methods. There are many different training programs around. I do not use shock or prong collars, punishment or treat training, but I surely don’t judge people who have tried this. Instead, Bark Busters relies on gentle, humane methods based on the ways dogs naturally communicate.

I hope this has given you some insights into myself as a trainer. Call me – Barbara Gazley – because I can help you and your dog!


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