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Barking is a way your dog communicates. It can be a pleasurable response to your arrival home or a fearful response to an intruder on your property. Dogs bark for different reasons. If your dog barks too often, you must get to the root of the problem before you can change the behavior.

Reasons Why Dogs Bark

  • Lonely and bored. Dogs that are left alone for too long, whether they are in the house or outside can become unhappy.
  • Anxious. Some dogs bark at anything or anyone until they are taught differently.
  • Attention. Dogs will bark to get your attention, telling you they want something.
  • Warn about intruders or unsafe. Some dogs bark as an alarm.
  • Suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety can bark constantly when left alone.
  • Excited. Dogs often bark as a greeting or sign they want to play.
  • To call the pack back. Dogs communicate with each other using body language and vocal sounds.
  • Hunger. Dogs often let you know when it’s chow time!

The Bark Busters behavior modification program will teach your dog to bark at appropriate times. It will take time, patience, and consistency but will be well worth it in the end!