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Has your dog ever chewed your shoes, devoured a roll of toilet paper or torn apart your sofa? Has he ever swallowed something which later causes an obstruction and results in a costly trip to the vet? At Bark Busters, our behavior modification program covers how to stop your dog from digging and chewing.

By nature, dogs love to dig and chew and tear things up. They are not necessarily being destructive – they just like to chew. If we don’t want them to go after our furniture or cable chords, we need to satisfy their need. And we need to discover the root cause of their chewing. Is your dog bored, stressed or anxious? Is he trying to release some pent up energy? Does he see you digging in the garden and tries to emulate your behavior?

Even subtle changes in a dog’s routine can cause him to be anxious. For example, did you introduce a new pet into the house or have a baby? Suddenly start traveling with your job?

Our Bark Busters dog training methodology will help you get to the bottom of WHY, giving you the tools to help stop this annoying behavior. One part of the solution might be to make sure your dog has a supply of “chew toys” such as The GameChanger developed exclusively by BarkBusters. This interactive food toy can help prevent boredom and keep your dog mentally and physically challenged for hours.